Personalized data on the reasonable costs of raising your children

Are you a parent in a high income financial situation faced with unreasonable, exorbitant child support requests from your ex?

Are traditional child support calculation methods inadequate for you to get a fair ruling?

Kid Costs Consulting is a fact-finding service for high earning parents faced with child support cases that need extra data and support to attain a fair ruling. We help determine your child's best interests, as well as both parents' best, and most fair, financial interests in establishing child support payments.

I offer extensive research, reports, and exhibits on the reasonable needs and costs of raising your children. I typically work with lawyers who are working on high-income child support cases. Every analysis I do is specially fit for each individual client on a case by case basis. I offer pre-trial analysis and consulting as well as expert witness testimonials.

What are the true reasonable costs of raising your child?

Now you can get the same custom researched and prepared exhibits for your child support case that have helped Hollywood A-Listers and NFL and NBA athletes. I work with partial-custodial and non-custodial parents in high-income situations. Achieve a fair and just award that will also ensure that the needs of your child are appropriately met.


Some of the law firms WE have worked with:

  • Kolodny Law Group

  • Blank Rome LLP

  • Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers

  • Fox Rothschild

  • Hersh Mannis

  • Marshall S. Zolla PC

  • Trope & Trope

  • Davison, Copple, Copple & Copple

  • Peter Lauzon

  • Stabile & Cowhig

  • Brian J. Kramer PC