Does Your Case Need an Objective Child Support Expert?




The Shopping Friend's, Michelle Liberman, is the premier, go-to expert witness and consultant for family law cases. She specializes in determining the reasonable budgetary needs for children in family law cases. Her clients range from Hollywood movie and television stars, to NBA and NFL athletes, to doctors and entrepreneurs. Her services are available to any client in need of solid, reliable data to determine fair child support payments.

What we offer: child expenditure reports, exhibits, and declarations. We determine the child's best interests, as well as both parents' best, and most fair, financial interests in establishing child support payments.

As a professional, personal shopper, Michelle has shopped for many clients of all ages and genders. Her wide range of clients include celebrities, heads of studios, CEOs, housewives, military personnel, students, lawyers and other professionals.

Michelle has had various child clients, from various differing family situations. Their ages have ranged from six months old to 18 years old.

She has been in the image consulting and shopping business since 2002.

Due to the extremely private nature of our work, we are unable to reveal our top tier client list, however, upon request, we can present the various, reputable law firms who have benefited their clients by hiring Michelle.


Michelle has extensive knowledge of the reasonable needs and costs of raising children due to the intimate nature of her personal shopper job with clients. Part of her job involves closet consultations and shopping for anything and everything; from organic food and toiletries, to clothing, to specialized toys, to electronics, to diapers, to furniture, you name it.

Her background gives her the ability to intelligently apply an expert assessment of quantities and costs to create Child Expenditure Reports that are:

  • Detailed
  • Customized for each client
  • Extensively Researched
  • Calculated with current market prices
  • Iron-clad
  • Accurate measures of the reasonable budgetary needs of children of high wage earners.
  • Allows for inflation (if requested)

Because Michelle uses:

  • In-depth research
  • Irrefutable facts
  • Interviews from similar type families
  • Circumstances from the client's own family

If you need a child support budgetary expert who:

  • possesses a solid educational background
  • has over twelve years of experience in her field of expertise
  • can speak eloquently in court
  • has prior expert witness experience

Michelle provides all of that. She holds a BS in Finance and a BA in Communications from Boston College.


Michelle Liberman specializes in determining reasonable budgetary needs for children in high income families

Michelle Liberman specializes in determining reasonable budgetary needs for children in high income families