There is no doubt about it: an expert consultant or witness can make an enormous positive impact on your case. Michelle is a trusted professional who specializes in legal-support services for family law cases in child support disputes.

An expert consultant or witness is a professional who is an authority on a topic. They have experience and knowledge beyond what is accessible to the average person. Their testimony does not deal with legal issues. Their testimony offers factual information and analysis that could benefit your case.



Expert consultants/witnesses should have experience, education, proficiency, or training on a topic concerning the case that a typical person in the general public would not possess.

A chemical engineer, for example, is usually treated as an expert. Not everyone has the benefit of an engineering education or experience as a chemical engineer.

Michelle is an expert consultant on the reasonable needs and expenses of children from high income families.

She offers assistance to cases with unique circumstances such as:

  1. A client wishing to rebut the use of their state’s guidelines as their legal argument;
  2. A client wanting to obtain a fair judgement when a custodial parent is asking for an award that exceeds the needs of the child.

Determining the true needs of a child requires case by case research - the current system is unreliable and makes estimates based on inaccurate methods.

In these special cases, we are not trying to figure out "what, on average, do children generally cost?” The real question is "how much should each child support award be in each individual case?" You need a child support expert to answer that question.



Understandably, some clients are reluctant to add expert witness fees to their already escalating legal fees. If you're in this boat, you want to minimize your costs as much as possible. We get it. We want the same thing for you.

We understand that the more effective a client's case is, the faster you can settle or litigate, saving you time and money. And that's where our expertise comes in. Our research and exhibits help create more effective cases.

Many times, the benefits of hiring an expert is well worth the expense. It can:

  • strengthen the likelihood that you will obtain a favorable settlement or judgment
  • give a more accurate valuation
  • help acquire a better child support or alimony order.

We work hand in hand with our clients to achieve the shared goal of preserving your net worth and cash flow. If the award is not viewed as fair by both sides, the odds go up for continued litigation and expenses on attorneys and related court costs.

That's why we use research and facts that are difficult to argue with.

If you are a parent in a special, high income situation, you should discuss with your attorney to determine if our service would benefit your case.

Michelle typically works with lawyers to provide the research and exhibits to be presented in court. Most of her cases involve pre-trial analysis and exhibits without having to testify in court.

Lawyers who handle child support cases are invited to consult with us on approaches for their clients.

An expert consultant can make an enormous positive impact on your case

An expert consultant can make an enormous positive impact on your case