Customized Budget Reports & Exhibits



Michelle is a reliable and reputable expert consultant. She is retained by law firms and clients for her professional opinion in determining the reasonable needs and costs for children of high income cases.

She prefers to work with lawyers to provide the research and exhibits that contribute to how lawyers form their case.

Kid Costs is predominantly a fact-finding service that prepares research and exhibits for lawyers to prepare their cases and to use in court.

Michelle provides pre-trial analysis. Michelle can also testify as your expert witness (this level of support is subject to Michelle's availability).

You will receive customized, extensively researched analysis and exhibits displaying your child's reasonable budgetary needs and proper parental expenditures.

Michelle uses various methodologies designed to determine accurate and fair calculations. Her work is always double checked and information is properly vetted by appropriate parties.

Michelle will consult with other suitable experts if more in-depth research is necessary. Her declarations and exhibits are clear, concise, and backed with substantial facts. She saves our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary child support.

The research, alone, will vary widely from case to case. Each is different. For example, the lifestyle, habits, age, location, and gender of children are all varying factors that will show wide-ranging results.

A retainer is required to hire Michelle.

Michelle typically works with lawyers to provide the research and exhibits to be presented in court. Please submit a form or email us for an estimate for your case.

Lawyers who handle child support cases are invited to consult with us on approaches for their clients.


The reports vary per case. Parents and lawyers can choose what line items they want in their reports. However, all cases always request the basics - what it costs to appropriately feed, clothe, entertain (activities, classes, parties) and provide personal essentials (toys, books, shampoo, sunscreen, furnishings, etc...) for each child.

Some examples of other requested line items are:

  • Travel (Trips & Vacations)

  • Security measures like home alarm systems and bodyguards

  • Private School Tuition

  • And anything else that is unique and relevant to your case and within Michelle’s expertise.

Expenses are typically not considered when determining child support. If you are in the unique situation of being involved in a high income case, arming yourself with the accurate numbers of the reasonable needs and costs of your specific child could be the difference between a fair, reasonable, and just award and a ruling where you pay more than the needs of your child.
— Michelle