Q: Will Kid Costs' research and exhibits help a parent representing themselves in court without a lawyer?

A: We have worked with parents directly who had legal representation. But we predominantly only work with lawyers. We know that with a strong legal argument that uses case law and statutory law our work goes a long way in helping our clients achieve fair judgements. We do not have a recommendation for self-representation in court.

Q: Does it matter what state the client lives in?

A: It does not matter what state you live in, we can research costs and standards of living all across the United States. If you live outside of the U.S. please contact us to determine if we are the right fit for your case.

Q: What if the client has more than one child?

A: We have no problem working on cases with multiple children. Each child represents differing costs depending on age and gender. We create exhibits that combine all the costs of each individual child to determine the total cost.

Q: What if we need Michelle for a deposition or to testify?



Q: What are Michelle's retainer fees?

A: Providing Michelle as an expert witness requires scheduling and planning. That is something that needs more in-depth discussion. It is subject to Michelle's availability and if provisions can be met to fly her out and accommodate her if she is not in your state.


A: Michelle's retainer fees vary based on each case. Fees depend on what she is researching for your case and how quickly you need her reports. It typically takes anywhere between 35 and 60 hours to prepare, research, and complete reports.

Initial retainer fees are paid before work commences and covers the first 35 hours of work. Any additional time required will be billed at the completion of the report. If she is required to sit for a deposition and/or testify in Court, she charges her hourly fee with a minimum commitment of 8 hours of time. Any location where she is required to travel, fees for travel and accommodations will be covered by client.